Tech / Outerwear

At Uniøn Design we have a great deal of experience with Outerwear product. Many of our customers work with us on their outerwear collections due to our diverse hand writing. We have a strong knowledge of all areas of outerwear from 'Heavy-Washed' Casual to 'High-Performance' Tech'. We work across all areas of the creative process from creative direction, conecpt building and design through to merchandising, tech packs and garment fitting.
Brunotti contacted Uniøn Design to create a new direction for their premium snowboard collection; SNW/Performance. The brief was to give Brunotti a more sophisticated image in the snowboard market and create a highly technical, well merchandised, fresh and exciting collection.
Gaastra Sportswear
Uniøn Design has worked with Dutch nautical brand Gaastra since 2009, creating seasonal concepts and collections focused around their outerwear business. Gaasta has two primary outerwear catagories; Sport & Breton. Both catagories are inspired by Gaastra's nautical heritage with Sport being based on performace and Breton focusing on fashion lifestyle.  
Uniøn Design collaberated with InterSport to design / direct their 2014 McKinley Ski collection. We focused on the top tier section of the range so the key focus was on high functionality, premium fabrics, strong attention to detail, sophistication and added value.
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